Bualuang Office Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust

Stock Quotes


02 Aug 2021 16:35

9.95 THB

+0.05(0.51%) Volume (Shares) 150,700

Investment Highlights

The first active office REIT in Thailand

High-quality office buildings in New CBD area and vicinity

High-quality and stable tenant base in telecommunication sector

Professional REIT and property management teams

Dynamic asset management strategy

Reasonable return with a growth potential in the future

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REIT Manager

BBL Asset Management Company Limited

175 Sathorn City Tower, 7th, 21st and 26th floor, South Sathorn Road, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

+66 2674-6488 Ext. 8


Krung Thai Asset Management Public Company Limited

195 Empire Tower Building 32nd Floor, Sout Satorn Road, Yannawa Sathorn Bangkok 10120

+66 2670-0430